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2000 Pontiac Grand Am (Spark plug/turn signal problems)

Well I found out today that my cousin is having some problems concerning his 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. First, he found out that he needs to replace the spark plugs and cables on his car, which is a V6 mounted transversely. The mechanic tells him that it must be put on a lift in order to get to the back three spark plugs. Personally i think he’s just getting ripped off for a simple maintenance procedure. I suggested he use a socket wrench extension and a u-joint so he can get to the spark plugs in the back. The second problem is that the turn signal makes the turn signal noise even when the turn signal is not engaged. Is this an electrical problem or something like a grounding wire being disconnected somewhere? Any advice and information is appreciated.

I can’t speak for changing the plugs on a Grand Am. I’ve changed transverse mounted V6 plugs on a 88 Beretta (same setup as an older Grand Am) and a 91 Taurus. Both were bears but doable. On the other hand, my wife’s 98 Windstar had to go up on a lift to change the back plugs. The only way to find out is to get under the hood and see if the back plugs are accessible.

I had the same problem with the turn signal noise with my 2000 Blazer a few years back. The entire multifunction switch (~$200) had to be replaced. Count on a few hours of labor on top of that. In the mean time, try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the base of the switch to clean the contacts. Perhaps your cousin will be luckier than I was. Google “Grand Am Multifunction switch”, it’s a common problem.

Ed B.

As Ed B said - you have to look. If you can get to them then have at it. Sometimes you can hook your arms up overtop of the intake and around the back - some creative use of socket extensions & joints is often necessary.

The worst ones I have done were in a Dodge Caravan. I accessed them from the rear with the van up on ramps. This was not fun nor easy. But I did my own plugs & wires (bonus one) for all of about $40 (bonus two).

Signal light issue. I got my 1999 Grand Am used and this clicking I heard is about double the rate as when they are actually in use. ^^^^^ vs. ^ ^ ^ ^ . They are not on, it’s just the clicking noise. According to a GM mechanic, it has to do with a small spring/ballbearing in the signal arm assembly. I appears worst in cold weather, sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t act up. Rather than pay big bucks for them to tear apart the steering assembly, I just learned to put up with the chattering. Though it drives my wife nuts, when she drive.

My dad was a mechanic when the Firebird first came out. He had to jack the engine a little to get to the rear plugs.