PMs without body text

Hi all.

I noticed I couldn’t see the bodies of my PMs the other day. Then they came back (I replied via email). Then I heard from a couple of people they couldn’t see the body of a PM, only the title. And the issue recurred for me today, as well.

I sent an email to support and sent screenshots as well as the reports from other users, not just me.

Is anybody else seeing this? If so, can you tell me what platform you’re viewing the site on? I’m on iOS 17.3.1, personally. Not sure if it’s a problem on windows as well.


Same iOS version.

I am on windows and had it happen to me as well, I got a couple of PM’s and could only see the tittle after clicking on my user name/avatar in the top right corner and then the drop down where it shows all notifications, but if I click on the personal messages icon (below all notifications icon in the far right column) and pull up all PM’s and click on the PM I want, then I can see the body of the PM(s)…

I don’t know if that is what you meant or not…

Yup, same thing. Thank you.

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I can read the PM now. Thanks for your help, Carolyn.

I haven’t been able to read forum PM’s for quite a while. I was thinking this was on purpose; i.e. a change was made to the software so now they must be read as emails. Not a problem b/c I prefer all messages be part of the forum.

Windows/Chrome Version 123.0.6312.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have not received any, send me one for a test!

Just sent one. Let me know.

Problem is back for me, I can’t see the body of PM messages.

I began experiencing this problem about 1 month ago… I think… and it persists today.
I find that the first or second time I try to view a PM, it is blank, but by the 3rd time that I click on it, it usually appears.

Windows/Chrome Version 123.0.6312.106 (64 bit)

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OK: minor update. There appears to be a coding conflict and the design team needs to work it out. I am sorry for the inconvenience while it gets worked on.