Appreciation and explanation

Firstly, Carolyn, I sincerely appreciate your follow up on my private board about my disappearing posts. Unfortunately, I never go there and just now saw it. I’m not very tech-saavy and just stay with the public forums where I feel comfortable. The good news is that the problem seems to have disappeared. I may have had a glitch at my end. Fatigue, perhaps… mine, not the site’s!

To all others who have sent me messages on my private board, I’m sincerely flattered and humbled, but please understand that the reason I never responded is because I never go there… and, frankly, don’t know how to use it. I have no secrets, so I’m perfectly happy to have any communications via the public forum sections. Please, if you’ve sent me something on my personal board and I haven’t responded, don’t interpret that as my ignoring you and please don’t be offended.


It’s very easy not to notice that you have private messages. I usually don’t notice I have one until it is way too late to reply. I’m sure we’re far from alone, tsm.

Hi, TSM. Thanks for the follow-up. I responded there because I didn’t want to be distracting from the thread. Glad everything appears to be OK.

I think we need an indicator for private messages. Red dot for bad news and green for good with yellow just being informational. Something like an answering machine so you can pick and choose the ones you want to hear. (Read) Then you can always have a good day. :wink:

I had a few stale messages in my inbox. Since then, I look at the menu bar near the top of the page to see if messages are waiting, typically once or twice a week.

That means TSM missed that offer from the Treasurer of Switzerland, offering you that free trip and tour of the Castle that you won. They had to give it to the runner up.


I think it shows up by your name when you log in. I’m no computer whiz for sure but I figured it out I think.

Actually, Yosemite, I got that one. I gave them your bank account number. I hope you don’t mind.