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Place Lexus in NEUTRAL and push out of the garage WITHOUT STARTING?

2013 RX350 No key. Electronic transmitter. (Depress brake and push START button to shift out of PARK.)

HOA will not allow outside clothesline, so we hang clothes in the garage.
I don’t want un catalyzed exhaust fumes in the TANDEM garage. (Lexus is parked in front of another car.)

Also, I don’t want to start a cold engine and shut it off 26 seconds later in the driveway.

WITHOUT STARTING ENGINE, I placed wife’s previous car into NEUTRAL and PUSHED it with my left foot out.
No exhaust in the garage, she need not worry about hitting the garage door frame with the mirrors, cold engine not started then shut off.

Any ideas?
Thank you.


  • push it out with your left leg, as you did with your previous car, or
  • simply start it up, back it out, and shut it off.
    You will never notice any problem doing it the 2nd way.

Can you just park it in neutral without putting it in park, using the parking brake?, or does the transmission have to be in park before you can remove the key from the ignition.
Maybe you’ll have to hack the car, find a way to make the solenoid that locks the shifter think the engine is running.
Why can’t they just keep things simple? Maybe thats the price we pay for making cars harder to steal.

I believe that if you push the on button without pressing the brake pedal the car will be in the “run” position. Then push the brake and shift to neutral.

Pushing a car backwards when sitting in the seat and using your left leg as the force may create problems – not with the car – but with your leg and hip joint. You don’t want that. Not with the price of health care these day. Once in a while might be ok, but I don’t think it wise to do this every day.

Thank you, all.
JM, I don’t want the un catalyzed exhaust in the garage or engine started then shut off.
Nothing works. As soon as I press the START button, the engine starts and I can shift out of PARK to REVERSE. Perhaps I can finesse it and quickly press START again to shut it off.
GSJ, the garage floor slightly slopes toward the driveway, so not much force is needed.

Are you saying the engine will start when the start button is pressed, even without pressing the brake pedal?

I think u push start twice to get car in ACC mode? Than push brake

Robt. Garages are not made for cars. They are MADE for things like hanging cloths and storing junk. If you waited until after dark to take a flashlight and look in all your neighbors garage windows, you would be surprised at how few actually used them as garages. I would not live in a community that preferred you wear cloths with exhaust fume smell or promoted excessive energy wasting dryer use in good weather. The alternative…trade the Lexus in for a plug in Prius, Leaf or Chevy Volt. ;=)

As they say in Hawaii, “hang loose”. Just start the car and drive it out or buy a dryer. I’d have about 275 things higher on the list to worry about than uncataliysed exhaust. In the old days before dryers, we used to hang clothes in the basement.

Even my old Civic had to be in park before I could fully turn the car off and remove my key.

buy 4 tire dollies, lift the car up, set the dolly under the wheel, push car out of garage

bscar2 7:50PM @B.L.E. Even my old Civic had to be in park before I could fully turn the car off and remove my key.

Most of my cars, including a Civic, didn’t even have this gear called “park” in the shift pattern. I like keeping it simple.

But NOOOOoooooo.
Wife saw another’s Lexus and wanted one.
Because we wasted money on a Lexus, we cannot afford to use the electric clothes dryer.

To shift out of park without starting the engine;

Without pressing the brake pedal press the start button once for acc. and a second time for “ignition on”. You can then apply the brake and shift out of park with out the engine running.

Bing, Laundry room opens into the garage. Garage is drier than the basement.
I also do not want to start a cold engine and turn it off again. Normally I start the engine, park SUV outside, turn off, and wife drives it away a few minutes later. But if I go on a bloodelivery, if not emergent, she wants me to move her car outside long before she leaves.

Thank you, N545. Will try that.

“Garages are not made for cars. They are MADE for things like hanging cloths and storing junk.”

I never understand that, no matter how often I see it. People will have $5000 worth of “stuff” in the garage and a $30,000 car sitting outside. My neighborhood is full of 3 car-garages so full of crap you can only get one car inside. Put the cars in the garage where they belong, if you have more stuff than can fit in there as well put a shed in the backyard.

If a Lexus was the same as my 06 Honda CRV you would have no trouble . On the dash just near the gear shift there is a little cover over a small slot, just remove that cover and push your key in that hole while holding the brake down & you should be able to easily move shifter into neutral .
When I had a 92 Honda accord with shifter on the center console that little cover & hole was still near the shifter. Hope this helps.

Here we go again :slight_smile:

The laundry should dry extra fast in the garage with the floodlamps you have in there to keep your Explorer warm. lol

Seriously though, a clothes dryer probably uses less than 25¢ of electricity to dry a load, and saves you from having to repeatedly run through the garage with a fabric softener sheet held above your head.

Re: the Lexus, RTFM–the manual should list how to put the vehicle in neutral without starting. Look under the “Jacking and Towing” section most likely.

In many cars you would use the shift lock override. There must be a way to move the vehicle when it has a dead battery