Lexus needs help


I bought a 2010 Lexus RX350 with remote start. The remote start on this car is poorly designed as the car has to be restarted after remote start because the engine dies when the door is opened. There is no security reason for this as the dealerships wants you to believe because the car remains locked unti it is opened with the key. Does anyone have any help on how this design flaw can be corrected?




Have You Consulted The 2010 Lexus RX350 Owner’s Manual?

Can this car be remotely started with the doors unlocked? That would explain this situation.
Some manuals discuss features of this sort. Some vehicles allow for changing security settings.



The car cannot be remote started when the doors are unlocked as the remote is activated by pressing the lock button three times. The dealeship is of no assistance as they say that is how it was designed. They admit it is a design flaw but they have no patch to fiv it.


You are going to have to get in contact with Lexus US design center. I have no idea where that might be.

I guess I don’t see the problem here anyway. So you start the vehicle remotely to get the AC or heat going, you go to the car and unlock it to get in and the engine stops. Then you have to re-start it by pushing a large button on the dash. What’s the problem?


Just a little inconvenience as restaring the engine is just an extra step that is not necessary and maybe a bit of a wear on the engine. It should be like the Chevy Tahoe. Remote start and unlock the door and drive.


It sounds like an anti-theft feature that was specifically designed into the car. You might contact Lexus (not the dealer) and ask them about it.


Yes, that is correct. I think the Lexus people thought it was an anti-theft feature but since the key is needed to open the car door, this is just a nusance and not of any benefit.


[“I think the Lexus people thought it was an anti-theft feature but since the key is needed to open the car door, this is just a nusance and not of any benefit.”]

Thieves don’t use a key to open the door. Perhaps if this is such a nuisance, you might just try skipping the remote start, and doing it the way the rest of us do. Problem solved.


Yes, I see your point but I paid 400 doolars for this feature and would like for it to be a convenience and not a nusance.


This is the way that the modern Toyota remote start systems work, and despite the brand name on the vehicle’s body, this is, ultimately, a Toyota.

A friend of mine has a 2008 RAV-4, and that feature also confounds him, but…that is the way that Toyota designed it. I would suggest that you not try to circumvent this designed-in feature.

Remote start systems tend to produce a host of problems over the long term, even when they are used as designed. I would hate to think of how many additional problems might result if you try to change the way that this factory system functions.

The ideal vehicle has yet to be designed. Enjoy your Lexus, even if it does not achieve total perfection on your terms.


Thanks. I just wish it were like the Chevy Tahoe wgere you can remote start the car,open the door with the key, put it in gear and drive.


Well, years ago, Chevies could be started without an ignition key! That was mighty convenient, but it was not necessarily a good design.

Similarly, the engineers at Toyota have their own ideas of how things should function, but those ideas may not meet everyone’s ideal. Like I said, the ideal vehicle has yet to be designed.


You Should Have Bought That Chevy Tahoe. I Understand That GM Was Looking For Customers.



Hey, what about the GMC Yukon!?

Both are fine trucks. And the hybrids get great mileage. For a great big truck kinda thing. Seriously, 20 MPG city/highway average for a truck this size is outstanding. And that’s with 4WD.