Get RX350h engine to immediately start? (To start engine warming)

When departing on an emergeny medical transport, where the engine will soon be “pushed”, is there a way to gethengine to immediately start?

When backing out of the garage and heading down our residential street, the RX350h is using only the motor.
Better to have the engine running while gently moving in theighborhood before getting out onto an arterial and soohighway.

Letsuck dealer does not khow.

Thank you.

Even if I knew the answer I would not tell you . You keep using the annoying childish word running together and you have a Lexus not that word you keep using . Maybe you should trade it for a vehicle you would use the correct name.


Lexus IT guy said he was told that the oil is heated from the battery electricity before the engine is used. (I don’t believe it.)

I tried turning on the air conditioner thinking the additonal load would start the engine.

If you don’t like the way your Hybrid operates, then don’t drive a damn Hybrid, if you like Hybrids then deal with it…

This is not the 1st time you have asked a question like this, last time was backing out of your garage or something…

When you learn how to write a sentence like an adult, you will get a more civilized answer… Dude, you are at, near or past retirement age, grow up…


Sorry. Do not recall asking engine start up here.

Another thought is using Remote Start - if this has that capability.
Shall see if it goes back into motor drive when imposing little load on the engine.

Just drive it. Plenty of hybrid owners go from their garage to the freeway every morning. I trust Lexus’ engine management software.


No can do, from one of his previous threads, his wife decides what vehicle he is allowed to purchase.

Just if the engine were running while gently driving out of our neighborhood.
The engine compartment has a bottom cover so cannot use my patented skillet block heater set on Simmer.

You misspelled kowtow.

There is a simple method of starting the engine while in park but that is a corporate secret.

Non hybrid SUVs operate the engine while moving at slow speeds and get 20 mpg, hybrid SUVs operate the engine when necessary and get 30 mpg. Which is best? Which pollutes less?

Remove the lower engine cover, you don’t care about fuel consumption. You can install the cover in two years when you replace this vehicle.

Hybrid vehicles are specifically designed not to run the engine when it’s not needed and you’re here asking how to do the opposite. Why would you want to circumvent a deliberate feature and benefit of your car? If you want to have the gas engine running all the time buy a conventional vehicle.

Then the question would be “how do I shut off the engine while stopped or coasting to reduce wear”?

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It should have remote start by hitting the lock button twice quickly then holding down for 3sec Part of an included list of features for 10yrs according to Lexus

You can remotely start your Lexus RX350 by following these simple steps: Press and release the LOCK button twice within two seconds on the key fob of your RX350. Then press and hold the LOCK button for three seconds on the key fob . The turn signal lights flash multiple times and the engine starts.

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Most push button start Toyotas are the same way, have been for a few years.

(Now home from a stat bloodelivery.)

Hospital calls at 0-dark-thirty.
RX350h is cold.
While gently driving through our housing development, it would to have the engine warming beforeaching the arterial street and aggressively accelerating.
But the motor was moving the SUV and engine remained off and cold.

Soon two hills. Best to have the engine warmer before accelerating withat additional load.

In the non hybrid RX350, the engine was warming from start up.

2015 and newer Lexus models have the capability,

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And yet he says he’s an environmentalist. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

Why do you think it is needed to pat yourself on the back so much ?


Explains why no replies until midnight.

A lot depends on where someone is driving a hybrid, and how someone is driving it.

My PHEV has never given me less than 36 mpg when operating in hybrid mode, and a few days ago, I was pleased to see that it gave me 81 mpg. That 81 mpg figure resulted from a situation where the vehicle switched itself to EV mode 77% of the drive time, and the lower mpg figures are the result of defaulting to EV mode only about 40% of the time.

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Head on over to your local volunteer fire department. They frequently get called out at o dark 30 to respond to an emergency. I am sure some of them have hybrids. Ask how they deal with warm up. No need to reinvent the wheel. Ask someone who has been there done that