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Board Problem, Double Posting Again,

Submitting a post sends you off into the Twilight Zone again…The only escape is to re-load the forum…

Yeah, I just got tricked that way on the “wiper Problem” thread. A triple post from me, plus an apology there.

When you get the error, just back arrow, then hit the topic link (on the right) that you were in. It’ll show as a new post, with you as the most recent author.

The error problem is the system trying to mark the thread read to that point in your profile. The post was successful.


It’s no big deal once you know the work-a-round…Thanks chaissos

Yes it is an annoyance, I now know it does post and ignore the message and go to recent discussions again. It is not consistent for every reply so there is some bad bug that may be hard to figure out. Firefox user.

Hmm…still having trouble? Sure, it’s easier to deal with when you know the work-around, but it would be better if it didn’t happen at all. Will pass on the info.

Its not a “still.” Its an “again.” Whatever it was was fixed for a while and is now broken again.

It was never fixed. It’s an intermittent problem. The fact that it has occurred again indicates that the cause was not found. Posting workarounds is all well and good unless the client ( decides “well we’ve got a work around so no need to worry about a fix.”

And once again, cdaquila, this board should never have been released to the wild with such informative error messages (paths and line numbers are for developers only). That’s just asking for trouble.

Fatal error: Call to a member function GetUserPermissions() on a non-object in /var/www/frontend/applications/vanilla/settings/class.hooks.php on line 114

Besides The Other Error Message Problem, I Don’t Have A “Preview” Feature Anymore.
All I Have Is “Write Comment” And “Save Draft”.


I see the new buttons for formatting text are now active. Is the fatal error message still happening?

No more error, but I see not buttons.

Now I’m not able to edit my post.

I also tried to edit my post but wasn't able to. Browser is freezing for me when I try to edit. I passed on the feedback.

OK, I just received word from the Vanilla folks that the problem that led to the double-posting fatal error message has been resolved on their end. They got back to us first thing this morning, and began to address the issue. There were some issues with the WYSIWYG/text-formatting plugin, but the conflicts should now be resolved. Are any of you having trouble with the new buttons, or with editing your posts? If you begin to see the fatal error (or any other sort of error, for that matter) kindly holler in our general direction.