Peeling Paint?

On the BBC show Top Gear they often make tongue in cheek comments about “buffing out” collision damage.

The problem with your car is not going to be solved by buffing, polishing, silent prayers, or anything else other than a repaint so you need to hit a few body shops up for estimates.

Since it’s a 2014 it’s possible that a spot job could be done and look acceptable but that also depends upon the guy doing the work.

"If the other driver is not going to pay for the repair you should have full coverage on a 2014."

…minus a deductible, of course…

Here is the updated photo after using some napkins and water to remove the leftover clear coat…doesn’t look too bad

Looks like most of the loose clear is gone so the damage looks very minor. Try a small bottle of touch up clear paint from the auto parts store to fill in the scratches. It comes with a brush inside. A couple of coats to fill. Let dry overnight and then get out the 1000 grit sandpaper (and water) to buff it down smooth. Hit is with 1500 grit and then polish with the red stuff then the white and wax. If you are careful not to sand through the surrounding clearcoat, it should look very good when done.

I can’t tell from the pic if its just the clear coat or if its down beyond that into the color coat. Sometimes there will just be a paint transfer from the other car. If you are going to try and do it yourself, you will have to sand the area to level it off and then add clear back to it again (preferably spray). If it is past the clear and into the color itself, you will have to add the color back again, then the clear. When clear is scraped it will be a milky white color. So follow Mustangman’s directions on page two if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise a body shop. Once the clear is scraped though, you have to add clear back again and sand it to blend it in. I might go with 2000 grit for the final before polishing instead of 1500. I just did a long scratch on my son’s black BMW. It was just the clear so I had to add the clear back to the scratch, then level it with 2000 grit paper, then machine polish with rubbing compound and polish. It took several applications of clear to fill it in and several hours work. Unless you have done this before, you might want to just have a shop do it.