Peeling Paint?

There aren’t any chips or dents. Just the outside paint is peeling. What do I do??? Someone hit my left bumper while turning.

by outside to you mean the clear coat is flaking off?

I’m not sure what is coming off and what to do :frowning:

When the rubber flexes it can cause the paint to peal. It looks like clear coat. You can spray it with clear coat after using rubbing compound. Or have it pro done.

Make/model/year? This looks like paint failing over an previous body repair.

Edit - so this is a 2014 Corolla? The lower front bumper cover? Then it looks like you hit something (note scratches), the cover flexed, causing the paint to chip, as noted above.

How can I be certain that it is just the clear coat?

It doesn’t matter. The only fix is to repaint the bumper cover and preferably the entire thing as a spot repair may not look too good; all depending.

It’s not just the clear coat. Looks like you need a paint job in that area.

Again, make/model/year? Is it a flexible plastic area?

2014 Corolla LE, idk if its the flexible area but I can move my finger across the peeling part and remove it

Is it on the bumper area?

Yes on the left of the front bumper

OK, then you brushed against something, resulting in the rub marks and the cracked paint. To repair it you’ll probably need to get that area painted. It’s plastic, so it won’t rust, so there’s no real rush.

This is why you have insurance. Talk to your agent.

As stated in the post, another vehicle brushed up against my front bumper while he was turning

If the other driver is not going to pay for the repair you should have full coverage on a 2014.

Did you get the other drivers insurance? If the scratches are not through the paint, you can try rubbing compound the polishing compound. Then they sell clear coat in a spray can.

I think the other driver didn’t realize that he hit me and kept on driving. I didn’t want to cause any traffic and try to chase after him. I think a small portion of it went through the paint though

You’re not expected to chase anyone, but you should have called the police to report a hit-and-run. Unfortunately, your insurance company might be hesitant to pay now without a report.

You need to knock off all the loose paint and clearcoat on that portion. To me, it looks like the paint is rubbed through the paint color coat into the bumper material which is close to the same gray as the car.

You can 1) have it professionally repaired, expect a cost of about $400-$700 or 2) ignore it, it won’t hurt anything, it is just ugly or 3) you can repair it yourself … see below

Sand it down with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper wetted with water and a tiny bit of soap until it is smooth. If you can see you’ve sanded through the paint, buy a can of matching spray paint from your local car parts store along with a can of clear topcoat. Paint the spot with color coat (following instructions on the can) to cover up the spot but be sure and mask anything you don’t want sprayed. Sand the color coat once dry with 800 grit paper, wet. Spray the clear top coat and let dry. Sand the clear coat with 1500 grit paper out beyond the repair. Polish the sanded area with rubbing compound (the orangy stuff), polish with a finer polish (the white stuff) and wax. Done.

One final thing, remove the “off-topic” from @Volvo V70 and answer the question, Why don’t you have full insurance coverage on a 2014 car??

I do have full insurance, who said I didn’t? The main reason for this post is to address the paint.