So, scratch identifiers. Got hit and run

Got hit while parked. Can’t tell if these are primer scratches or on the metal. Trying to guess what it might cost me to fix this but am at a loss. That little piece of metal protruding too

That’s not metal.

It’s the plastic bumper cover.

And the paint cracked from the impact.



So hard to tell, best hope is video cameras. Go through your insurance, my wag $1200

Alas, there isn’t so it’s all on me. Which is what brings me here

Better than the alternative I take it? All of it is on the bumper I take it so I may just need to have it replaced

It doesn’t look that bad.

A body shop that knows what they’re doing can make it look like it never happened.

You have insurance for this type of thing?


Yes, thankfully. The deductible is large but I am glad to know it’s not as bad as I originally thought.

I can’t really see much except white streaks. If it is paint transfer from the other car, the paint can be removed with solvent. If clear coat gets scratched, it looks white. If it is not too deep a scratch, it can be buffed out. If the paint is cracked or damaged, it needs to be touched up. But yeah just see a body shop and they can look at it more closely.

High deductible often means you will pay for all of the repair, especially in this situation. You should still contact your insurer. They refer you to a preferred shop. Your insurer deals with these shops every day and they know who will do the job well the first time and at a reasonable price. You can take advantage of that. The body shops I’ve dealt with through insurance have always done excellent work. It might not be the lowest cost, but good work is worth the extra.

It does not look like the bumper is deformed, so it will only need paint. Typically they would remove the cover, chemically strip the paint that is on it and then repaint. Last time I had one done it was around $300 but that was years ago, may run $600 now.

A low cost job could be done by not removing the bumper cover, stripping the paint around the damage, feathering the edges and then repainting the area. You wouldn’t notice at a distance or a casual glance, but a careful inspection would show, unless the painter is a real artist. You’d have to get a few quotes from a couple of body shops.

BTW, you might check with your insurance agent to see if this could be covered under your comprehensive policy instead of collision, that usually had a lower deductable. Also your insurance agent may be able to have their adjuster give you a quote so you will know what a fair price should be, even if you have to pay the full freight on this.