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Bumper/Paint Help!

Hey All,

So, I managed to back into a snow bank today in a tight, poorly plowed parking lot. Still, it was my fault for not being more careful. Anyway, the car is an Acura TSX, and after hitting it, I stated driving forward and heard a “pop” sound. I am guessing that was the bumper popping back into it’s normal place?

Anyway, upon further review, I did notice several scratches, and a 6 inch vertical scratch that broke the paint (none missing), but it’s annoying. It’s probably NOT worth fixing, but that stuff bothers me. Can anyone recommend any DIY kits, mobile repair companies, etc.? I know my best bet is a bodyshop, but that’s gonna be a costly repair (again, my own fault).

Anyone else do something like this? What did you decide to do repair wise?


If it bothers you get it properly repaired. Painting a plastic bumper requires elasticized paint and should be done by a professional.

Live with it. Bumper covers are, in my opinion, items that frequently take damage. Here is the bumper of one of my cars after a few years. (I park on a city street frequently)

Live with it. It’s not worth the cost of the repair.

A do-it-yourself paint job probably won’t end up looking that good. A repair by a body shop is your best bet if you’re keeping the car for a while. You could try to find a cover that isn’t marked up at a junkyard, but the color might not match exactly.

Get some touch up paint from your dealer for $6 and try to fix the very obvious damage to the point that it looks decent from 6 ft far and call it a day. Keep the paint for future use!

For a scratch in paint covering metal, painting over it with fingernail polish can help prevent rust from forming while you await a proper repair.

The bumper cover is most likely plastic like most of them these days so I doubt if it will rust.

Thanks guys, I will live with it. It’s not worth the $500 to repaint it.

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