Pat Goss of Motorweek

Some of you may be familiar with Pat Goss as the master mechanic on Motorweek. His segment was called Goss’ Garage. He also ran a garage with the same name near DC. He died on March 19. He has been quoted her occasionally, and I thought some of you might be interested.


That’s sad to hear. At my age, hardly a month goes by without somebody whom I knew–or whom I admired–passing away, and it’s not a good feeling.


I’ll miss him. Happened to see his show a couple weeks ago. He looked unwell, and was seated the whole time he was on camera, IIRC.

Every day I wake up and check the obits to see if I’m in there or not.

Judge Wesley Brown, the oldest sitting federal judge, once said ‘I don’t buy any green bananas’ when interviewed when about 100 years old.

Yeah, unfortunately, that is pretty close to the truth.
And, as sad as the deaths of my former colleagues always are, when I learn of the passing of former students, it’s even sadder.

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I check the obits every day and it’s been a long time since I saw anyone I now. I do live in a large metro area though and read one of the two big newspapers.

Every trucker I kept in contact with from my trucking days is gone now. I retired in 1995 after 40 years in trucking.

I googled the life expectancy of the average truck driver and it came up at an unbelievable 61 years. The figure was from the CDC though and they seem like a credible source.

It is not too surprising though, you spend you working life sleep deprived, eating too much bad food when you stop because you never know when your next meal opportunity will be. High stress all winter, if you live in snow country. Long periods of inactivity sometimes interspersed by strenuous physical labor, but not regular enough to keep you in shape.