The time has come

Due to my continuing health issues, I’ve decided it best to give up driving. My wife can get me wherever I need to be. A fellow member of one of the car clubs I belong to has coveted the 62 Caddy since I bought it and will give it a good home. I may not be as active here going forward, but I’ll still be around.


A hard decision but a very wise one .

Sorry to hear you are giving up driving. That is a tough one.

Please try and stick around, though.

Try and stay as healthy as you can!


there are so many people that dont have the smarts or the courage to know when to hang it up. I wish you the best and hope you stick around. I hope your health improves quickly.


@old_mopar_guy Sorry about your health issues and hope it improves.

Sorry also that you need to stop driving. You are being far, far more responsible than most people who reach that point. My respects to you, sir.

Do please stay active here in the forum. You have experience to offer whether or not you are driving. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hopefully giving up driving will give you a bit more time to be active here. Your opinions are always valued.

Best wishes for your health and comfort.


Take care of yourself and stay active on this board.

+1. I’m starting that conversation with my mother, but she’s not making as wise of a decision as you are, @old_mopar_guy. Hope you stay active. Your presence would be sorely missed.

Just because you don’t drive doesn’t mean you can’t continue to share the knowledge you’ve attained over the years. You can tell us how you keep your wife straight while she drives! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


We will all get there someday, I likewise will know when to turn in my keys, I hope. Take care!

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I figure that day will come for each of us, hopefully before someone gets hurt, if we’re lucky. Good for you for recognizing it and not putting up a fight.

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My fighting days are over, at this point I’m content to simply run out the clock. Of course, it would be simpler if I knew how much time was left on the clock!


Hope you are better off than my mother in law, she had some quotes, old age is punishment for the sins of the past, and damn it I woke up again!

You don’t want to count the days. I was there for a while, and thank goodness I got significantly better.


Congratulations on knowing when to hand over the driving, as it is a very difficult decision that many people do not make, who should. I hope I am as wise as you when my time comes. I am sorry for your loss of driving and for your health issues, which I hope improve.

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A time that comes for all of us. Many not as responsible as you. Sorry health issues are limiting what you can do. Thank you for your contributions. May you have a full life in the time allotted.

Sorry to hear about your health issues I do pray and hope you will be around for a long time I also have some health issues I just hope I will be as smart as you and will know when it is time to hang the keys up. I do now that I will fight it as long as possible. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry to hear it but I respect your decision. I hope you decide to stick around.

Glad you are doing the right thing of yourself and anyone else involved. Not everyone has the insight, some never get the opportunity.
You can still contribute, you can actually do more than before as you can be the “back seat driver” so to speak.

Give up driving if you want, but you must post photos of your Caddy at your earliest convenience.