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Floor Leaking

Hi! I have leaking under my passenger and driver’s side floors on my 2008 Hyundai Tiburon with 48,000 miles. I noticed a couple of weeks ago a small amount of water on the passenger side floor. It happened a few times…nothing major. It had not been raining but I had been using my A/C. Last night we had torrential downpours and my passenger side was completely flooded. The driver’s side floor became wet too, but not nearly as much as the passenger side. Do you think it’s something with my windshield or my A/C drain? Something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have someone look at the AC condensation drain tube at the firewall.

If this tube plugs up, the moisture that the AC removes from the interior of the vehicle can collect in the pan and spill into the interior.

Compressed air up the tube usually clears it out.


Yep, plugged drain tube, and don’t tell your mechanic your “floor is leaking”; it’s not.