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Paint removal from rubbing against garage door

I have a 2005 chrysler sebring and accidentally rubbed a small amount of paint off when I was pulling out of the garage. I was told by authority that it is not scratched. I don’t want to damage the finish of my car but would like to remove the white paint from the garage door.

Start With Car Wax. Rub The Paint With Regular Car Wax And Rag And See If It Starts Coming Off.

This is the kindlest, gentlest approach. A nice body shop should be able to help in a matter of minutes, possibly free of charge, to win a customer, if you have no luck.

What’s your definition of small? I’ve removed a number of fairly large paint transfer scrapes using nothing more than a fingernail. As long as you remove any dirt on the surface of the panel, your fingernail will not scratch the paint and it’s amazingly efficient at scraping it off. If the job is too large for this approach or your fingernails are too delicate, then get some Clay Magic at the auto parts store and follow the directions for removing the paint. It’s as simple as erasing…