Hit Garage with Car

So I hit the side of the garage with the side of my car. It isn’t that bad, there aren’t any scratches or anything. But the white paint from the garage is now on the car which is dark green. I got most of the paint off with water and rubbing. But one area has a lot of white paint on it, and water isn’t doing the job, please help?

Try some polishing compound. Don’t take off too much of the clearcoat paint.

Wax it once you get it clean.

Get some polishing compound from your local auto supply store.
Do not buy “rubbing compound” as that is too abrasive.
Follow the package directions carefully, including the proviso about “rubbing gently”.

Hi, sorry, I’m not much of a handy man, are there any brands that you would suggest? and what material would I use to wax it? Thanks for the help!

I would try car wax first. Any brand at an auto parts store will do.

Try a product called NuFinish Scratch Doctor.


I just read the other day that WD-40 may work. Try it in one little spot and see what happens. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, you haven’t lost anything.

Try some Meguiars Cleaner Wax in the red bottle. It’s safe for clearcoat and is pretty good at removing light scratches and blemishes. It will take longer than using polishing compound though.


Ed B.

thanks for the reply. Um, what do you suggest that I rub it with? Cause with the water I used paper towels, I doubt paper towels will do the rubbing job.

Apply with a foam pad and buff out with an old cotton towel. If the wax doesn’t come with an application pad, there should be foam pads available separately. I’ve tried microfiber pads but didn’t like them.

Ed B.

If all else fails…Apply some “Easy-Off” oven cleaner to a small, hidden paint area, like inside a door jab. If after an hour there is no paint damage (clear-coat is not effected by easy-off) then apply the Easy-Off to the white paint. After an hour, it will just wash off with soap and water…

Sorry, still a little confused with this process. So I apply easy off on the white paint, wait till it dries, then wash it off? Thanks a bunch for the reply!

TEST IT FIRST IN A HIDDEN AREA!! Then, yes, the easy off will dissolve the white paint without damaging the clear-coat finish… It will not “dry” It remains a paste…

Warning! If your finish is NOT clear-coated, the easy-off will damage the paint!

Thanks a bunch! I’ll try it. :]

IPA (isopropyl alcohol) should work to remove the white paint

Before you try the homemade remedies stop by a body shop. Get their take on the situation. Some don’t charge for minor buffs.

When people come into my shop with senior citizen racing stripes (garage paint) I have my techs buff it off and I do not charge. I do tell them to remember my shop in the future.

Don’t use Easy-Off! Really, you don’t need solvents and all that. Just go to your local car parts store and get some polishing compound. Meguiars is a fine brand. On the bottle it will tell you exactly what to do. Buy a microfiber or foam applicator pad right there, go home, wash the area well, and park so it stays shaded. Then follow the directions, and be prepared to rub, rub, rub, in nice firm circles. It will come off.

Another option is a clay stick.

I’m actually borrowing a friends Meguiars car wax. But he didn’t have any microfiber pads. Is having the pad necessary? Or can I just use a sponge, rag or towel? Thanks for the reply!