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Overdrive light blinking / 2000 Ford Windstar

What would cause the OD light to start blinking after about 20 minutes in the van? Once it comes on does not go off

As far as I recall, this is an indication of an electronic fault in your transmission’s controls.
However, this is based on my memory, which could be faulty. In a case like this it is best to consult the experts. Luckily, those experts wrote the Owner’s Manual, so I strongly suggest that you open the manual and read every section that pertains to either the transmission or the instrument panel warning lights.

If I am correct, it is important to have this looked into a.s.a.p. by an independent transmission shop (NOT AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or any other chain operation). Failure to repair an electronic fault promptly usually results in much more expensive mechanical repairs to the transmission.

It is an indication of a fault detected by the electronics. The fault could be electrical or it could be mechanical. Either way, more damage may be done if it is not corrected right away.

It indicates a problem with the overdrive.

Does the overdrive work when you drive?

Like mentioned, have it checked out.

Roadrunner, that light is not specific to the overdrive part of the transmission. When it flashes, it indicates a transmission fault. It may or may not be in the overdrive part of the transmission!
(On steady = overdrive locked out by user. Flashing = transmission fault detected.)

It is probably overheating since it takes 20 minutes to develop. Overheating can be due to poor cooling or because something is slipping and creating a lot of heat. Get the codes from the PCM read.

The owner’s manual of the 2000 Ford Windstar that I used to own said to immediately take the vehicle to the dealer for inspection of the transmission. My son had this occur on a 1999 Ford Windstar that he owned. He didn’t have the owner’s manual, but the 1999 was almost identical to the 2000. He didn’t take my advice right away about having a transmission shop check the transmsission and his Windstar transmission failed and he had to have it towed to a shop and rebuilt. I don’t know if he had taken it right away if it would have made a difference. At any rate, have it checked out right away. It is a signal of transmission problems.

The Ford Windstars of this time period did not have the most durable transmissions. One way to avoid problems is to have the transmission fluid and filter changed every 30,000 miles. I did this with the 2000 Windstar that I purchased new. My son bought this Windstar from me and has kept up this part of the servicing. The Windstar now has 134,000 miles and has had no transmission problems.

This is another one of my posts about THE SAME VAN! could the problems mentioned be the cause of the blinking light!
I have a 2000 windstar that was leaking tranny fluid. Ford says it’s the torque converter seal BUT recommends that I also replace the converter the same time as the seal. Is this really necessary?
Would this cause the van to make a ‘kind of’ clunking noise when it comes to a stop?
I asked them if the tranny was “sound” other than the leak they said yes. Is there a certain test I should ask them to perform to know for sure?