1999 Ford Windstar 3.8L Overdrive Light

I have a 1999 Ford Winstar 3.8L, 163K miles, and have a XF2P BA transmission. When you turn on the motor the dash idiot lights are functional. After driving a while the Overdrive Off light begins to flash. Power is lost going up hills. Do you have any ideas as to what is wrong?

Your transmission is dying…Usually $2800-$3200

The flashing OD light is the power train electronic control module warning you that a fault has been found in the operation of the transmission or its sensors. So have a transmission technician scan the ECM for codes and see what transmission specific code(s) is found. If none are found at that time, try to get the Windstar into the shop while the OD light is blinking (don’t turn it off until the codes are read). Hopefully the code(s) will indicate a sensor problem.

Let us know what is found.