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Ford Explorer blinking OD light

My 1995 Explorer’s OD light blinks. The transmission seems to work alright otherwise. What causes this problem and how difficult is it for the average guy with the average set of tools to fix?

The OD light flashing means that a trouble code can be read with a proper code reader. It could be a lot of things causing it. You really need to code to tell. It could be overheating. I would try not to drive it until you find out what is wrong.

I would have this checked as soon as possible by a good transmission shop. I do know that the owner’s manual in the 2000 Ford Windstar that I owned cautioned the owner to have the transmission checked immediately. My son had a 1999 Ford Windstar and the overdrive light began blinking. Before he could get it to a mechanic, the transmission failed and had to be rebuilt.

I know very little about transmissions, but the condition may be caused by the lock-up feature of the torque converter. I don’t think this is a do-iat-yourself job. Transmission repair is very highly specialized.

That light is trying to tell you something and it’s seldom good news. I would get it checked ASAP.