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Open a new tab when clicking on a link

I wish the forum administrator could change the behavior when clicking on a link. Right now, if I click on a link I am taking to the linked page. I might decide to follow links on that site, which now takes me to another page and so on and so on. When I decide to return to the cartalk forum I have to click my way back.

It would be easier to simply open a new tab when clicking on a link, looking at whatever I wanted to see and simply close that page when done. The browser will then simply default to the last tab, which was cartalk. I am now at the same point on cartalk I was when I left.

I don’t have that problem when I click on a link it open’s on a new page & when I get done with it I just close it.& car talk is right where i left it.

You can right click on a pic, or hold your finger down. Then select ’ open in new tab’

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That’s what I want, but my browser brings up the new link in the cartalk tab. I better check and see if that is a configuration parameter in Firefox.

I don’ know how Firefox work’s I use google chrome’

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You can also hold CTRL while you click the link and it will automatically open it in a new tab

This thread should probably be moved to the “site feedback area”

I sort of like it the way it is, helps to reduce screen clutter keeping everyone under one tab. If I decide I want to see the link on a separate tab, that’s easy enough to do with a copy and paste.

It would be more of a problem if when you clicked on a link, then after viewing the link and clicking the back arrow it didn’t immediately return to the same Car Talk thread. That would be annoying. But it seems to always return quickly & correctly.

that works, thanks