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One down, a few hundred more to go

It appears that the Federal Trade Commission has put the maker of the “Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell” out of business, so at least one of the hucksters out there will be stopped from cheating the gullible.

Take a look at:


One small step in the right direction. I’m sure someone will take Mr. Lee’s place.

Where’s that 38 mpg HUMMER?

Great news! I was worried he was going to squirm out of it, somehow.

I’m glad they took this step, but he’ll ne back. Assuming they froze his company’s assets he’ll just start another company. If they froze his persoanl assets, He’ll tap into some other source and start again with some other scam. The only way to stop him would be to imprison him.

Heck, the man was already a convicted felon!

He could probably start advertising on the Fox Faux News Channel!

After all, based on the following reference in the article, “Authorities say he has staged sales demonstrations in hotel ballrooms across America, marketing products to evangelical Christians and conspiracy theorists who share his conservative religious beliefs and suspicions of the government”, he would have the perfect credentials to use that medium.

Heck–Rupert Murdock might just sign on as his business partner.

I thought it already was fox faux news channel… go figure :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? Because it does not obediently rattle off standard liberal lies?

Can I rant on how much I like and dislike Fox News? I like them because the Republicans are doomed with Fox on their side.

You are welcome to dislike Fox News as much as I dislike MSNBC. Actually, I think that both of them are sensationalist fools. I’d rather get my news from a news channel with a lot fewer opinions than these two have. Do they every just report news without the political commentary?

Personally, I prefer to watch BBC News. I find it to be much more intelligent in content, much more comprehensive, and with fewer axes to grind.

…and PBS and Jim Lehrer. It’s reasonable to expect any interviewer not to inject their opinion and actually wait for answers. Unfortunately Fox and friends, MSNBC and the like still play the ratings game. They seem to sell news like a commodity.
It’s like expecting an impartial test on a Ford F150 in Motor Trend when the previous pages has a full spread ad for the same. So neither side should expect anything different than entertainment from commercial broadcasting.

Some things should be commercialized, some things should be FREE of advertisement…like the news.

While I agree with dagosa, I hope that he is prepared for someone to chime in with a comment that PBS is a “commie, pinko, leftist” organization. In other words, what is reported by PBS does not agree with the unique view of the world expressed on Fox News.

The News Hour is unbiased, in depth coverage. I like it, too.

Ironically, NPR reported on news bias several years ago. They acknowledged that even news professionals who attempt to be unbiased unconsciously choose words with connotative meanings that create the appearance of bias. In fact, they highlighted instances where they themselves made this mistake.

The problem I have with so-called Fox News and MSNBC is that they make no effort to be unbiased. Therefore, what they report should not be defined as news. It should be labeled as “opinion” or “commentary” or “editorials.” Others (like ABC, CBS, and CNN) may fail at their attempts to be unbiased, but at least they try.

The really sad part is that Faux News and MSNBC only do it for the money associated with ratings. So if you buy into their drivel as news, you are allowing yourself to be misled AND exploited.

“Lastly, Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, was once married to Jane Fonda”

That is probably the most interesting (or bizarre?) factoid that I have seen in quite some time. Fascinating!

Huh ? Makes for a funny untrue story…
[b]Jane Fonda has been married three times:

Her first husband (1965-73) was French film director Roger Vadim (b.1928-d.2000) with whom she had a daughter, Vanessa, named for Vanessa Redgrave, the well-known actor and activist member of the Workers’ Revolutionary Party.
Her second husband (1973-1990) was author and politician Tom Hayden, by whom she has a son, Troy Garity, and an adopted daughter.
Her third husband (1991-2001) was American cable-television tycoon Ted Turner. [/b]

Hmmm…I was wondering why I had never previously heard this factoid, and now I know why.

Bizarre? Yes
Interesting? Yes
Accurate? Apparently not!

Oops! I guess I confused Murdoch with Turner! Boy do I feel stupid!

That’s okay, we all make mistakes.

On the other hand, confusing Faux News (Murdoch) with CNN (Turner) is…not a mistake that people usually make. The axes that they grind are very different. Neither are non-partisan, but they are truly polar opposites on most issues.

All of the news outlets are biased. That’s been proven with every network and with every issue.