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It broke out in another place

Just for laughs. Have not seen this one here for a while, but it showed up in the ham radio classified ad’s on The guy is looking to trade for radio gear. He’s a pretty frequent poster there. I think I’ll pass on any of his offers.

"i have a hydrogen system for your car to drastically improve your gas milage and improve engine power it consist of a 6 cell generator,map/maf sensor,very nice 30 amp. pulse width modulator,o2 sensor extender, system hold’s 3 gallon of water generator has it’s own built in flash back cleaner built in. "

Darn it…I don’t have any ham radio gear, do you think he’d trade it for the old Interoceter I have on my garage shelf ???

Just this morning, I was also thinking about how we had not heard about this hokum for a while. Then, when I opened my Sunday newspaper, I saw an article about one of the charlatans trying to market this type of snake oil !

The article details how the FTC is prosecuting this thief in Federal Court in NJ for his hydrogen flim-flam, and it also mentions his previous convictions for similar offenses. I think that it makes for interesting reading, so please take a look at:

Thanks for that link.

My personal philosophy is “If you believe it’s true, then you are not lying.” I wonder if delusion – or just plain stupidity – is a defense against fraud.

OTOH, it would be great if one of these guys could prove that this stuff actually worked.

How much gear does he want? He sends me his stuff first I check it out maybe we have a deal (he pays the postage both ways) wait a minute. He puts it on HIS car drives to me in AZ, I check it out then we talk.

Are knowledgable people suppose to know what a “flash back cleaner” is?

I think that it is supposed to rid his brain of those annoying LSD flashbacks!
Do you think he includes any aluminum foil hats for “keeping out the bad thoughts”?


I would have thought that such an advanced and technically sophisticated device would have been fitted with a Flashback Arrestor, maybe I’m just being picky…

Why did the LSD flashback possibility not come to mind? Maybe some kind of memory inhibitor? VDC a question,When I write, some one or some where or any thing are these suppose to be one word or two words?

oldschool–Those are each one word–at least nowadays. At one time, they were written as separate words, and over time, they evolved into one word.

English is one of the most difficult languages to master, simply because there are “rules” to follow, but then there are words that defy those rules. Go figure!