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Old Shows

I read the posts criticizing the use of old shows. I’ve noticed this, too. I’d like to hear new shows, too; but I’m more concerned with Tom’s and Ray’s health. Are they OK? They’re not getting any younger. Is their health the reason for the “re-produced” shows?

Hi Craig,

Their health is fine-- thanks for asking. They are on break at the moment, though. And, as they get older they’re getting even more lazy. (Who would have thought it possible!) So, they’re taking a few more weeks here and there, around the holidays and during the summer.

Best from Car Talk Plaza,

Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

Maybe they should start grooming their successors by having someone sit in for them, like Johnny Carson used to have guest hosts when he needed time off.

I can think of some log time posters in this form who are quite knowledgable and funny. I am thinking of some of the mechanics, not the enthusiasts like me. I am thinking of folks like dagosa, mountainbike, ok4450, and jtsanders.

I also was more worried about the guys than the show I can hear a repeat and still laugh and enjoy it. So I Wasn’t having massive Deja-Vu after all… damn… I was hoping to see the Mega-Millions numbers in advance :slight_smile:

Ps… I don’t think anyone could/should take their place.

God, no! Besides the crankiness factor, being able to type on the interwebs is a completely different skillset from doing a taped-live-for-broadcast call-in radio show.