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Retired or not?

So, Tom and Ray retired in October 2012, right? Then how is it that their “this is NPR” reads are current? For example, during the episode that aired last week, Ray said something to the effect of, “And even though Luis Suarez bites his radio whenever he hears us say it, this is NPR.” A couple of weeks ago there was a Bengazi reference. There’s no way those are from the Car Talk archives!

I can’t imagine Ray temporarily eschewing his retirement just to do station ID reads. What gives?

It’s been apparent for a while that they haven’t totally divorced themselves from the show. There are timely updates, but no new phones calls (as far as I can tell).

I suppose the producers want to at least keep it looking fresh, even if it isn’t.

And if anyone from the show is listening (reading?): I really hope someone can find suitable hosts to continue the format. While the brothers are unique and one of the reasons the thing works, the basic format is a good platform from which to build.

On the other hand: Top Gear (US and Australia!) Maybe it’s just too much to ask for?

Morning, @CapriRacer‌ - yep, there’s somebody reading! Thanks for your feedback, and I’ll pass it on.

gee, where have i heard that before??? make the stupid puzzlers about cars!

I’m more than happy to continue to listen to the “contemporized-by-Ray” re-runs. The brilliance of Car Talk is that diagnosing a problem with a 1995 Corolla is the same now as it was 10 years ago. It doesn’t matter when the call first aired, the content remains pertinent. And with Tom and Ray at the helm, it’s still great radio.