Are Tom and Ray alive and well?

Last month some time, Doug Meyer replied in a thread on this forum that there was going to be a new show. Maybe there was one. But now we’re back to old puzzlers and old chump-stumpers and old bits. Guys, if you’re going to do the show - do the show. If you’re too old or sick or just want to quit, then that’s fine - stop doing the show. Or run old episodes as “Classic Car Talk”. But please don’t keep pasting together old clips and trying to pass them off as new shows. It’s irritating to some of us who have been long-time listeners and supporters. Thanks.

As an almost 70 year old geezer I can sympathize with Tom and Ray. I retired last may after 44 years as a college professor. I had to recycle my old jokes and stories. I put them on a 5 year rotation, but occasionally I would get a graduate student who had been in one of my undergraduate classes and would have heard the story.

I’ll never forget one of my engineering profs kicking somebody out of a lecture once - he didn’t want anybody there who hadn’t paid to hear his jokes.

Who Are Tom And Ray ?

The “cut and paste” routine with old segments isn’t even being done very carefully.
One of the segments on today’s show was aired either last Saturday or the Saturday before that!

See my post for reply from Doug Mayer.