Why can't I find a new show 2012-13

Hi I am only hearing 1990’s-2004 no newer why!

No more new shows. All are repeats.

NPR announced last summer that Tom and Ray were retiring in October 2012. The shows currently being broadcast are assembled out of archived calls, which is why all the cars discussed are pretty old by now.

It seems that Ray and possibly Tom as well are recording small bits of new material like credits, underwriting, etc, and they do mention the show number so that’s probably new, but they are not taking new calls. I’m not sure if the puzzler winners are new, probably not.

It’s understandable, Tom is in his mid 70’s, and after almost three decades, I can see how he’d want to give it up. But you’re not the only one who wishes the show would go on. So that’s why they are doing repeats instead of just canceling the show entirely. For my part, even though I’ve rarely missed a show in 15 years, I’m still hearing lots of calls that are new for me.

I think Eddie is saying all the cars being referenced on the recently aired shows are 1990’s to 2004, not that Eddie remembers the first time that current show aired. I agree w/Western that I’m hearing maybe a call once in a while I seem to recall hearing before, but if that, only vaguely. So repeating prior shows or combining segments from prior shows and letting the guys enjoy their retirement from the daily grind works for me.