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Old callers

Is it my imagination or are many of the calls to the show repeats from years ago. I recognized the teacher with the 8th grade class as from some years ago and all the vehicles were from the 80’s and 90’s.

Usually we are informed about encore shows but this seems sneaky,

Hi Dlmacd,

Thanks for writing. Yes, the guys are getting lazier than ever, so we are plucking more material from our 23 years of archives these days. And what you heard was a re-produced show.

We’re not trying to hide the fact that it’s not a new program, but the explanation itself is kind of confusing. Much of the material is, in fact, taken from the archives. But some of it is new and updated. What we air is actually a mix… stuff from the archives, with some new stuff and new transitions. That’s a hard thing to explain in a line at the top of the show. So we’ve opted not to try to explain it on air rather than make it even more confusing.

Hopefully, our listeners will just experience it as an entertaining hour with Tom and Ray. But we’re sorry it caused you consternation. We are still recording new shows and I’m sure you’ll be hearing one soon.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey
Car Talk

Well after today, no one can say it is sneaky.

If they are getting lazier than ever? That means that they were less lazy at one time. They should be proud that people who know them are speaking well of them.

In any mechanical field, the lazy mechanic is the best one. He would rather find the cause of the problem than overhaul every single engine that comes to the shop. The bad ones just can’t wait to use Plastigage. I must be one of the good guys because I’m not sure how to spell Plastigage. Good thing I can spell torque.

You have it wrong, the bad one’s don’t even use Plastigague, they trust the machine shop and the lable on the bearing packaging. Lazy mechanics, and there are so many honest ways to sell service. Myself, the technique that I reject the strongest is using fear to sell.

Thanks Doug, and a new word to the lexicon…re-produced!

Using fear to sell. It’s one of my favorite topics.

STORY ALERT: If there are geezers or grandkids present, turn on the TV and adjust the volume to loud.

I said to the salesman “I’m not paying top dollar for something that could fall apart in a week”. Salesman says, “I know somebody who paid twice as much as I’m asking and his Blazer fell apart two weeks later”.

Really something to inspire confidence in used cars. Fear mongering took a giant stap backward that day. It’ll last TWO weeks? Sign me up; where’s the loan paperwork.

Sad to read this. Over the last year, I noticed that most of the calls have been recycled. Today’s (2/12/11) show had a caller with a Saturn. She talked about going to the dealership. OK. Sure. Right.

If I wanted to hear old shows, I’d go to the archives. I guess the guys have achieved the ultimate job: getting paid well for not doing anything.

I’ve been a listener since the mid 90s. Thanks, guys. It’s been swell.

I listen to the podcast in the UK. I had noticed that a lot of people were ringing in about 92 this and 94 that. I just assumed that people hung on to their cars longer in the U.S !

“Thanks for writing. Yes, the guys are getting lazier than ever, so we are plucking more material from our 23 years of archives these days. And what you heard was a re-produced show.”

I guess I can reduce my donation to keep Car talk on the air for my local PBS station accordingly?

You can donate as much or as little to PBS as you want, it’s not going to have any effect on Car Talk.

How hard it is to say “The following show is a mix of some new calls and some old calls from previous shows?”

I think most listeners would have the brainpower to understand.

My theory is that they made the final boat payment and have embarked on the proverbial around the world cruise. Tom & Ray?please be careful out there, and try to stay as far away as possible from Somalia.
But seriously, are the guys Okay? Did they retire and move to South America? Inquiring minds would like to know