Any chance?

Wanted to throw out the idea to anyone and perhaps get it back to Ray. First, as Im sure a lot of listeners have found over the years that this show was
more than just a radio show, it was a part of our lives that made us feel so much better. It is still doing this Im sure for sooo many of us that need
laughter in our lives, and don’t have enough. It has taught me to look on the light side of life, and Tom’s attitude toward playing more and working less
is so true. I was just thinking the other day and wondering I wonder if Ray has thought about ever continuing the show in Tom’s memory so the world
could actually continue to benefit from his humor? Im sure there are so many people on this earth that have heard this show, including many famous
funny people that would most likely even do the show, especially if it caught on that there were mystery guests. Even if it was an occasional thing,
it would be so cool to hear shows mixed in that are current with Ray and a guest or guests.
This show has helped me get through some sad times in my life, just to hear the laughter, and I guess I just want it to continue for as long as possible,
and perhaps this is selfish on my part. Im sure they retired because they had had enough, and wanted to enjoy their retirements, but who knows? Perhaps
there is some fire left in Ray to want to continue something, and I thought I would just bring it up and perhaps it would get back to him?

I was just thinking the other day and wondering I wonder if Ray has thought about ever continuing the show in Tom's memory so the world could actually continue to benefit from his humor?

The show was in reruns for two years before Tom died. Ray is close to 70…so I think he’s thinking more about retirement. It was t he two of them that made the show. Don’t think it would do nearly as well wityh just Ray.

Maybe like this ;
Ray could HOST the radio show in a similar format with GUEST hosts along the way. From celebrity ‘‘car guys’’ like Jay Leno to repair specialists.
After a couple more years of guests…some of those might shine as being the next regular hosts and carry on the CAR TALK program with different people at the helm.

Heck , now would be the time to bring in some of these regular forum dudes who may just THINK they’re retired…hows about a whole new career ?

I can’t imagine the “chemistry” would be there with a guest host.

I’d think he’d like to stay retired. Why take on a huge new job at this point?

I would not mind an attempt to develope a similar show with different players and name, but like was well said before, they were bros. with a special relationship. Though we all would like to “hear” Ray with someone else, at seventy, we need to respect what he wants and having been off the air at that age and length time I feel he is permanently retired.

All good things come to an end.

Thanks and all good comments, yeah was thinking it would definitely be a here and there kind of thing, love the idea of like Jay Leno being a guest, Im sure their are many out there that have listened to these guys. And your right about Ray and retirement, this would only work if he was into it, he is such a funny guy, I could see him with any comedian, could you imagine a reunion show with Ray and WIll Ferrel’s character from that Taledega movie? Was thinking that Tom would be there too, cause he will always shine through Ray for sure. The amazing thing nowadays, is he could even do this on a stage and people would come to see. If you all have
ever heard the Prairie Home Companion show, which Im sure you have, that is done on stage
every week when live, and Garrison Kheeler is 72 years young. Laughter keeps us young for sure.
I know everyone that comes to this site gets how wonderful this show was, started out as a car help show and ended as legendary. Thanks to all, and thanks to Tom and Ray!!!

I’m a retired 69 year old guy and I can say, without shame or embarrassment, that I love not having to work! So, if Ray is OK with his choice, then so am I.

There would be nothing but disappointment I fear if Ray tried to pick it up with another co host.

I loved my job as a college teacher but at 70 I retired. My last two years were really great. I had wonderful classes and a couple publications. I decided to retire on a high note. I witnessed too many colleagues who hated their last years. I think maybe Ray reached the same conclusion–hang it up while you are on top of your game.
I really liked the tv show MASH that had a long, successful run. After the show ended, the tv network tried to build on the success of MASH with a followup show called After MAS*H. That show was a complete flop and didn’t last a season.