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Oil pressure sender

I have an 84 GMC Cabellero running a 350 Chev. I need to replace the engine oil pressure sender unit because I screwed up the sender connector. I have a choice of installing a sending unit rated at 60 psi or one at 80 psi. My car has a high pressure oil pump (and numerous other modifications) and ran with the gauge reading 60 psi before my blunder. Curiously, the new 60 psi sender is $33 and the 80 psi sender is $16. Any negative effects from running with the 80 psi sender? The instrument panel gauge scale goes to 60 psi.

As long as you’re willing to live with a gauge that is not calibrated for the sender, the 80 psi sender will work. You just will not get accurate readings. If you have 40 psi oil pressure, the gauge will show 30 psi. If you have 20 psi, the gauge will show 15 psi.

The panel gauge and the sender are probably designed to be used together…60-60 or 80-80. If you use the 80psi sender, your gauge may not give accurate readings…

Thanks for the reply. In my view the importance of the reading is that it about the same number all the time and I only look for changes from that norm. So the 80 psi gauge will work fine for me. I appreciate the comments.