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Oil Prtessure Guage

During a recent oil change, the tech broke the oil sending unit on my 1996 Jeep Cherokee. They put a new sender on, a 2 prong, not a single prong and now the oil pressure gauge maxes out to the 3 O’clock position. I took the vehicle to a Jeep dealership and they put in a single prong sender, and still same problem. They then told me it had to be the pcm board. They put that expensive part in and still the same problem. They now feel the original 2 prong sender must have shorted out either the oil guage or the instrument cluster. They want to change out the instrument cluster. What do you think? Will that solve my problem?

Who’s paying for all the corrective action? If they installed the wrong sender you shouldn’t be paying for any of this.

You could install an aftermarket oil pressure gauge for a LOT less than the cost of a new instrument cluster.