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Oil Pressure Too High

Very long story dating back to a discussion posted Oct 2008…won’t repeat details other than serpentine belt sheared the AC and PS bracket off the engine block and in so doing sheared the oil pressure sending unit from the rear of the block. It has been replaced with new unit but the oil gauge on the instrument panel reads over 200 (max). tried different (new) gauges as well as glued old one back together but still registers extremely high. Will this damage the engine if I leave it be and just insure the oil level is proper? '94Buick Park Ave Ultra 3.8 SC engine. Engine purrs and does not overheat.

It sounds to me like you’ve put the wrong sender in the car. You have a gauge, so you need a sender for a gauge. It sends a linear voltage, more voltage for more pressure, etc.

You’ve apparently installed a sender for a light. It’s either on or off, a simple switch. Nothing in between. This means your gauge can read only minimum or maximum, nothing in between.

With any conventional oil it is virtually impossible for the oil pump to provide 200 psi pressure and if it were the filter would burst. The sending unit is most certainly not correct for the gauge. There are resistance ranges on the sending units and it is very likely that there is a mismatch. Find a good parts counter man who will look through the paper catalogs and compare the resistance ranges to the one you have. It may require buying and discarding several to get the right one.

Also, the oil pressure gauge may have a fuel pump switch in it. A miss match sender could have the connections crossed.