Oil pressure sending unit - 2002 Le Sabre

Here’s another one for you.
2002 Buick LeSabre w/ 3.8 motor. and equipped with the driver information center. (DIC)
Oil pressure reads in the 130 psi range when running. 0 psi when not running.
I suspect the oil pressure sending unit but apparently there are 2 different parts. One is cheap, the other is expensive. Which one do I choose? Different part numbers too.
Hard to reach so I don’t really want to change it twice.

That number is about 4 times what it should be. Hot oil pressure should be about 45 psi unless you ahve a serious problem. I’d pull that sender so you have it in your hand. Install a mechanical pressure gauge and actually measure the running oil pressure to confirm that 130 psi reading is bogus or not. If that 130 psi is real, you have far worse problems than the sender. Get ready to tear down the front cover and drop the oil pan in an attempt to find the problem. I’d start with the pressure blow-off circuit in the oil pump.

RockAuto lists 2 oil pressure senders that look exactly alike, both are ACDelco and cost exactly the same. Likely one supersedes the other. Not sure where you are getting your info on the parts required and cost. Since the sender is now out, take it with you to the parts store.



The only time I ever bought one, one was for cars with gauges and the other was for cars with the warning lights. I would just give the dealer a call to ask about price and part numbers and then you can get it wherever you want. They’ll never know.

I don’t think the reading is correct as it probably trigger a check engine light. Before the bogus reading the pressure was in the normal range. About 50 or 60 pounds
I’ve got another problem (Wiper motor) that will require a visit to the dealer so I’ll have them check it and act accordingly.
Thanks for the information Re: Bypass valve.

A sending unit wire inadvertently touching ground for any reason at all will peg the gauge out.

The sender connector plug hasn’t broken off and touching ground is it?

Nope, the sensor to detect that is exactly the one you are asking about and you don’t have a CEL, do you? Your car is not that smart.

Correct. No CEL. The oil pressure does fluctuate slightly between 127 and 130 depending on temp and RPM. So, I guess the sensor is a two part device and the part reporting to the DIC is incorrect.Even OnStar diagnostics has no failure readings. Basic, of course.
As I said, I’ll have to visit the dealer for the wiper motor anyway.
$$$$$$ Thanks. Frank Martinoli