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Oil pressure gauge pegged

95 jeep cherokee. My oil pressure gauge sometimes jumps up to 80lbs or bobs between 40 and 80lbs. Could this be anything other than sensor or gauge itself?

Try replacing the oil filter. The by-pass valve in the oil filter may be malfunctioning.


Certainly, replace the filter ASAP. It’s too cheap to replace and too costly to leave on if it is the problem. If the problem persists replace the sending unit. If that doesn’t end the problem get a wiring harness diagram and a VOM or take it to a shop that specializes in automotive electronics.

Thank You

When i bought this rig it read 60psi. The guy said he had to change the gauge or sending unit is probably what he changed. I normally use fram filters. This last time (when the problem started) i got a napa filter because they where out where i usually go

My guess is that it’s the oil pressure sending unit going stupid and the electrical resistance in the sender is varying.

I agree but a bad filter is a good thought as well.
Besides doing an oil change soon, changing the filter, I’d replace the sender as well just for good measure. They are cheap.

napa filters our 100 times better then fram i hate to say.

If the problem started with the filter change, then replace the filter. That’s a no brainer. No matter what your opinion of NAPA or Fram is, an occasional defect slips through. It happens to the best.

I had this happen,it was the filter. I was lucky the filter split while I was siting in and was parked. I had no engine damage. I had started the truck and was about to drive off. When I looked at the oil gage and seen it was pegged. Just then I heard a pop and the oil presser dropped. I turn the truck off. Look under the truck and seen oil pouring out of the filter. I had to replace the sender as it starting leaking soon after.

Another reason it’s good to have a gauge instead of an idiot light. If you just had a light, you’d have no idea anything out of the ordinary was happening.

The ol girl has all gauges. Just the way i like it

And some top end rattle but still runs strong. A used car dealer told me they put in a “Puck?” to quiet the rattle
Any body know what this is???