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Hi everyone I wasn’t sure where to post this but I need some advice about buying new tires. I have a Nissan Xterra SV 2011. It has 265/65R17 stock tires/rims. I noticed my stock tires (4ply) are having trouble going a bit off-road and on dirt trails/gravel. I wanted to get some better tires for off-roading but I will still need to use them on the highway. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, keep in mind I am in Canada so I may not be able to get some foreign tires. Thanks so much and appreciate the help.

Even if you don’t buy from them, the Tire Rack website is extremely helpful in allowing you to see which tires meet your criteria. Hopefully Canadian Tire or another retailer up there carries the tires that you find on


General Grabber A/TX. Excellent off road but noisy on highway. Review on Tire Rack.

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Ya, I have heard about this one. How is it on millage and gas though? I will also check the review out thanks.

Never paid attention to mileage or gas. I have them on F150 with v8 daily work truck since 2018. Still have about 1/3 tread life. Regularly climb 3:1 or greater dirt slopes without any issues.

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Thanks that sounds pretty good I read the review on these and they seem mint. The only other tire I saw that seemed comparable was the SUMITOMO ENCOUNTER AT. Dont suppose you have heard of those either? I just want a back up in case I cant get the General A/TX. Thanks for all the help by the way.

One of the many factors on which Tire Rack rates tires is Rolling Resistance (RR).
Low RR results in better gas mileage.

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Thanks, I wasn’t able to find stats for that but I will still look into it! Appreciate the help.

I installed 4 Michelin LTX Defender tires on my truck a couple years before Covid started; rugged tire, very satisfied w/result. Before Covid I only drove the truck maybe 1 K miles per year, but I’ve been using it much more, about 10k miles per year since Covid, mostly highway, some on dirt roads, but no serious rock crawling.

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I’m a fan of the BF Goodrich A/T KO2’s , They tend to be to my go-to for any truck I’ve ever had. I’ve also had good experiences with Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revos.

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Those are good tires also, never had a complaint on them if serviced correctly…
Firestone Destination AT2’s are a great tire beating out there bigger brother Bridgestone’s… If you really want an aggressive Mud tire that works well on and off the road , the Destination M/T’s are very good and seem to last a long time also… if in your size…

Thanks unfortunately neither are in my size. locally.

The AT2’s are not in my size either. Same with the M/T’s. Thanks though. However, there is also the SUMITOMO ENCOUNTER AT which tire tracks recommended which seems great! Not sure if you guys have experience with it.

Tire rack shows them in stock, the AT2’s, well for Nashville anyway…

I just looked back and saw you are in Canada… oops

@HectorLacustrine, see if Tire Rack will deliver these tires to you in Canada. Maybe the tire dealers near you can order them in your size.

It seems they do not and unfortunately, they only delivery to dealers in the states. However, I have made some progress finding dealers in Canada such as Kal tire and Foutain Tire. Thank you for the suggestion though.

How do people feel about these tires:

Hercules Terra Trac X-Venture
Ironman All Country A/T
Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

I suggest that you carefully check-out the place of manufacture of any potential tire purchases.

Some of these tires are made in China. If you are okay with China’s manufacturing standards–which are essentially non-existent–then you should feel free to purchase any of them. If you want to avoid Chinese-made tires, then you really need to drill-down on the place of manufacture for tires before you buy them.

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fair enough. The Hercules are made in the USA and the Falken are made in the USA and Europe from what I can tell though. But your advice is well taken thank you.

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Ironman is the only brand I had not heard of. They say that they are part of the Hercules family, but not whether they are imported or not. Check the UTQG ratings and load/speed ratings plus reviews for all of them.

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