2008 Honda CRV Tires



What are the best, affordable, all-weather tires for my car? I need to buy some asap.


check it out for yourself…




I have checked out the website you supplied but I’m still unsure of which one is best for Vermont, dirt roads, etc. Any other suggestions?


try tirerack.com… there is nothing unique about VT roads…


Rather than taking random suggestions from random people on this site, you would be far better off using the Tire Rack site to look at both consumer reviews and Tire Rack’s own testing results on the tire models available for your vehicle.

You might also want to get a copy of the Consumer Reports Buying Guide, which has ratings of tires. I use those ratings in conjuction with the info on the Tire Rack site to find some kind of consensus as to which tires stand out in the qualities that I want in a tire.

Only you know how important factors like road noise or tread life are to you. Only you know whether you value ride quality over handling quality, low rolling resistance over good traction, etc. Look at objective ratings, rather than soliciting random suggestions if you want a tire that embodies the qualities that you really want.


My sister with a similar vehicle (2007 RAV4) in NH is beyond happy with Goodyear Fortera TripleTread. They are not the cheapest tires however winter traction, steep dirt roads and comfort level is great for her.

I highly advise shopping around via the phone once you hone in on a particular tire(s). Prices are all over the map.

I called three shops for the same low profile tires on my Subaru Legacy Wagon and prices ranged wildly from $680-$1100 installed.


second your suggestion of Fortera Triple Tread…you get what you pay for and tires are a safety factor you don"t scrimp on.