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Buying Tires

I need to by 4 new tires for a 2007 Nissan Xterra - What do you recommend?

check out tirerack…

It depends a lot on your driving. If you are going back roads with mud, smooth dry highways, 12+ inch snows, etc. They all have different best. Then there is your personal preferences for smother ride vs higher mileage, etc.

I drive on city streets 85% of the time…I try to go to the mountains as much as possible.
So I was leaning towards the all terrain tires…Hoping that they are good in snow but still good for my short commute? After looking at all the choices on tirerack I am just trying to narrow down the selection. The last 4 tires have lasted 35,000 miles…

Also look at Consumer Reports Nov 09 issue. They test and measure items like rain, ice, snow performance. There may also be some follow up articles to help you out, too.

Tire Rack is good, but they don’t have every brand (i.e. Toyo). Ancedotal responses from owners of different vehicles are less useful.
Best bet, go to one of the Nissan owner forums on the Net ( as an example), and see what other owners of the same year, make, and model have experienced.

I don’t own the XTerra…but I have owned 2 different Pathfinders in the past…And now own a 4runner…Been very very happy with Cooper tires…Their ATR-Plus is great for snow…and all around driving…I’m now driving their new CTS…Haven’t driving through any snow yet…but my guess is based on their design they’ll be fine…So far…they’re the BEST truck tire I’ve ever own…and that includes MANY Michelin tires I’ve owned…