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Hello, I am in need of new tires for my 2004 mercury mountaineer and virtually know NOTHING about cars. I want a reliable and reasonably priced place!!! I live in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks!!!

I would use Tire Rack as a starting off place to research tires.

Ed B.
are IMHO the best places to research tires. Do the research and be sure you get tires that will meet your needs, ones designed for your driving environment. Just relying on the bead-buster at the tire store is a crap shoot. The best tires for L.A. are almost useless in NH.

+1 to the two preceding remarks.
Taking advice from random strangers–whether online or at a tire store–is not usually a good idea. Some of those strangers may have hidden agendas, and others will spout opinions that have no basis in fact.

So…doing your own research on the Tire Rack website is the best way to make a decision, even if you don’t wind up buying your tires from Tire Rack. On that site, look for the Tire Decision Guide–or something to that effect.

You will be asked…Is the car ever driven in snow?
Then, you will be asked to put certain factors in rank order, based on your own preferences, and these factors include things like…ride comfort…fuel economy…handling ability.

What I think constitutes a good tire may be very different from you might think, so you need to do the research yourself, instead of asking for random suggestions from random strangers.

Thanks everyone. And I of course was planning to do research of my own. Now I have a starting point.

I will ask an “odd” question. Are all 4 tires on car the same brand, age? 2 new, 2 old? Or 4 matched tires?

In Minnesota I’ve had good luck with the local Goodyear store. They have most other brands and can recommend something for the car and the price line needed. Just got back from Columbus.

The last set I put on last year were Generals. Price was right, they are quiet, and seem to do pretty good in the rain and snow.

I hate english. "I just re-tired the car even though I was tired but not being retired. "

Walmart - Sams Club _ Costco There, how hard is that?

I gotta give proper respect to the Firestone Destination LE’s on my 4WD SUV. Original equipment LE’s lasted 45,000 miles - changed early for the Ohio snow. The second set has 63,000 miles and they are now at the wear bars. (No snow where I live now). Good price, quiet, durable, good handling, good traction in rain. OK in snow. Perfect for Ohio on a 4WD. The LE’s are now updated and called Destination LE 2’s. I’ll very likely order a set.

For a truck tire…Cooper Discovery’s are very hard to beat. I’ve been riding Coopers for over 20 years now. Use to ride on Michelins…but about 20 years ago they started to out price the competition by a lot. The comparable Michelin tire to my Coopers cost $70 more per tire.


Related to that, Mike, because I know that you are fond of Cooper tires, I thought you might be interested in knowing that the deal for Cooper to be bought out by Apollo Tire of India has…fallen through. So, Cooper will apparently remain solidly American…at least for the foreseeable future.

Research at tire, buy at Costco.

I research at tire rack and then buy at a locally owned shop. Most recently from the nice young couple who opened one up not all that far from my house. I try to keep my money as close to home as possible.

“Research at tire, buy at Costco.”

Yup! That is exactly what I do.
If I time my tire purchases for when Costco has a coupon, I can almost always save ~$100-120 over the next best price from an indy tire store. Without the coupon, Costco’s prices would probably only save me ~$30-40.

I would nor recommend walmart for tires. I bought a set of Goodyears there that in 22000 miles were worn down to 3 and 4 thirtyseconds. I later found out this Goodyear Viva II was made in China and sold only at walmart.

Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s all have limited selections. They do have decent tires available, but it might help to look at your local store to see what is in stock in your size before looking on line for reviews.

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I thought you might be interested in knowing that the deal for Cooper to be bought out by Apollo Tire of India has...fallen through.

I heard about that. I wasn’t too sure if it happened how much it would effect their tires. Glad to hear they are still going to be an American company - At least for now. is a good place to purchase and review tires. You probably want a set of all season radials given living in Columbus OH unless you want to purchase separate snow tires. We have had good success with Goodyear Aquatred. Excellent in snow and held up very good with good durability.