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Odyssey Power Sliding Door won't close tight

any sugguestions on what I can do to get my Odyssey’s sliding door to close tight? It closes all the way except that last little bit where it pulls it tight. The result is interior lights staying on, buzzing from the open door notifier, etc. Is there an easy fix?

Try reseting the door computer (fuse #13 on the passenger side removed for 1 minute).

Check to see there are NO foreign objects in the door roller track. Things like kids plastic action figures, stones, etc.

If your van has a power door module like my Silhouette, it should hold a code as to why the door doesn’t close.

The module is located behind the right rear panel.

One of our reeident techs on here may know how to read this. Scanner?

My Haynes manual doesn’t go that far.

Clean the door contacts with alcohol.