2007 Odyssey Power Sliding Door Issues

A couple of weeks ago our 2007 Odyssey started having door issues - driver’s side sliding door would get about 85% closed (approx 6 inches from closed) then beep and reverse back open. Wife took it to the dealership and they said the rollers were dead and it would be $400 to repair them. Suggested we wait till it got bad. A week later on the cape, it got bad – doors were getting really stuck, even in manual.

Not wanting to drop $400 on something silly, I bought a pair of roller assemblies online I replaced the roller assy on the door (the rollers were GONE!) and it now operates manually just fine now. I’m left with the following issues:

  • Door still won’t close during automatic operation. Gets 80% closed then beeps and reverses closed.
  • Door doesn’t open automatically during operation from the key FOB or the driver’s control panel on the console. (I hear an actuator running when I press the buttons, just no obvious release). The door auto-opens fine from all other modes (inside level, outside handle).

I’ve tried multiple “door reset” routines to no avail – not sure if I have the correct “routine” for my '07 EX, or if something else is in play.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Have you spent any time at OdyClub.com http://www.odyclub.com/forums/55-honda-odyssey-generation-forums/ You’ll probably have good luck there.

Did you clean and lube the bottom track? How does that track and roller wheel look?

When you turn off the power to the doors and try to push it manually, do you feel any binding?

I have an 02 Ody so I don’t know much about the next generation Ody.

I’ve lubed everything up - after I replaced the center roller everything seems to move like new.

The other rollers look like they’re in great shape.

My guess is that there remains some mechanical problem or another that is gumming up the door and actuator works. I doubt you’ll be successful with a reprogramming job on this. Worth a try, but unlikely to help. This is something that if you can’t determine yourself just by taking things apart and spotting an obvious problem, like a screw has fallen out, something is sticking and needs a lube, etc, that you’ll probably be better served by consulting w/experts for this particular make, at least to get a diagnostic.

The track under the floor of the van is clean? No dirt, sand, grit. Go to Odyclub.com for better info.

Update - I found another rehome procedure online that I tried just for kicks and it worked! Ended up pulling Fuse #7 on the drivers side (“Back up”) which appears to have reset the door computer.

For future reference, here’s what I did:

Pull fuse #7 (drivers side) for 10s
Power sliding door master to OFF
Key in ignition - OFF
Open both doors
Ignition to ON (electrical power, not engine running)
Power sliding door master to ON
Closed right door using console switch
Closed left door using console switch

Thanks for the input everyone.

Good on you. Glad you got the problem solved. I was all wet on my diagnosis! The door computer needed to be reset so it knows where the home position is, is all apparently. A Honda expert with the correct Honda scan tool could have done this too probably. I doubt the regular non-Honda scan tools could though.

Thanks for the good info Tim. It sounds like you have the makings of a good tech and a DIY kind of guy.