Honda Odyssey Sliding door skipping

2007 Honda Odyssey with power sliding rear doors. One door (pass side) skips when closing, but only when the van is pointing down hit. Seems to work ok when van is level or pointing uphill. Skipping - the door starts closing, stutters, keeps going, 2-3 times. Usually the door closes, but sometimes it stops and reopens. Is this the motor or some other part/problem? Thanks!! Mike.

Stuff like that is normally just hardware components/door tracks getting gunky and losing lubrication. I’ll actually bet that your maintenance schedule for the van includes recommendations on when to clean & lube body components. Most people don’t do it/have it done.

So ask someone to do it - or take a close look at how the door operates. Inspect its tracks & rollers & whatever is involved in the door’s movement. Clean everything up and relube. Spray lithium grease is an oft used lube item, though your owner’s manual probably gives you some kind of Honda-specific spec.

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