Honda Odyssey automatic doors

One of the automatic side doors on my 2006 Honda Odyssey has been closing only part way, then re-opening itself, or opening only part way and then re-closing itself. We are often able to overcome this with a strong manual push. The problem is distinctly worse in cold weather. We can live with this so I’m not taking it for a repair (unless I unexpectedly discover that a repair would be easy), but I am very curious for an explanation as to what the cause might be.

I’m thinking the safety system built into it (So it doesn’t close on a kid or a pet.) is “sensing” someing in the way. You might check the recalls on this van to see if’s listed. There’s a link on this site that will find recall notices for your van. If you see it, and since it is a safety issue, you might be able to get it repaired for free. (Hopefully)

You have a 3rd generation Odyssey. I had problems with my 2nd Gen Odyssey (2002) sliding doors - as most owners have - due to deterioration and age of the rollers in the door assembly. In most cases, it is the center roller assembly that is worn. Symptoms include squeaking and scraping while the door is moving because the roller is old, dry cracked or missing altogether. The added friction and resistance placed against the safety limits programmed for the door cause it to reverse (much like a garage door safety system) unless you get out and “push” it past that point. The only way I know to fix this is to replace the center roller assembly.

I have done this and it is not super difficult, but can be challenging. If you are not comfortable with doing moderate dis-assembly of the door to get access to the roller assembly, it is best done by someone with experience. Personally, I would not pay a dealer to do this repair.

Here is a YouTube video showing you more about this repair. You may have to copy and paste it to your browser.

You also should check out the Ody Club Forum. It is a forum of Odyssey owners and they always have good posts about things you are probably experiencing. Here is a link. They have sections for 3rd Gen odyssey owners.

Good luck

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