OBD Port Not Reading


I own a 2000 Volks Passat, 1.8 Turbo, automatic with 113,000 miles. Recently I took the car to 2 gas stations for an inspection sticker. In both places they told me that the OBD port was not giving a reading and therefore they could not give me an inspection sticker. Any ideas what may be causing this? The fuses all appear good.


Usually when a scanner can’t communicate with the OBDII, it means there’s a problem with the computer itself. Too bad. You’re outside the 8 year/80,000 mile EPA mandated warranty for catalytic converters/computers.



Was there no reading from the OBD or was the OBD indicating “Not ready?” Can Volkswagen read the OBD? The common problem apparently with OBD II is that it fails to reset after a battery disconnect or check engine light reset. In that case the OBD is working fine for reporting engine problems but will not allow emissions testing done thru the OBD. I just paid $$$ for a Volvo technician to drive specified cycles with the diagnostic reader plugged in to force OBD reset just so the car could be tested.


Don’t know about you V-dub, but Ford calls the fuse for the OBD port the “data link connector & cigarette lighter fuse.” If it’s blown the OBD port is dead & you cant light your cigarette.

Look at the fuse list in your owners manual.

“The fuses all appear good” does’nt cut it.