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Emission's Light?

I have a 2005 Ford Taurus sedan - 6 cyl - 3.0 liter with around 55,000 miles. The emissions light came on and when my mechanic went to read the code, it kept coming back as “not communicating”. I trust this mechanic (have been using him for years) and he insisted that his code reader was hooked up properly. Any suggestions other than taking it to a dealer which I really don’t want to do ?? The car runs fine.

It is possible that the car’s computer failed and they is why you are getting that message.

That said, you might try one of your local auto parts stores, many of them will read the codes for free. They may have better luck. If you do get a readout, be sure to get the number (format P0123) and not just the description. Post it back here and maybe someone can offer some additional help.

Check fuses. Check for the DLC fuse. If there isn’t battery power to the DLC (the connector the scan tool plugs into), there won’t be a readout.

Are you sure that your mechanic has a code reader that is CAN compatible? Some OBDII readers aren’t.

I’m pretty sure that his code reader would be up to date. I’ve had codes read out before with this car. As for the DLC fuse mentioned, would anyone know if it’s located in the fuseblock or under the hood ???

The scanner that your mechanic is using TODAY may not be capable of reading the CAN protocol. Have him double-check its specifications.