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ABS and/or ECM?

94 Suburban

My ABS light dame on last week and I have pulled the following codes:
41,42,45,46,51,52 control valves
65 open or shorted pump relay
67 open motor circuit or shorted BPMV output

A short history - the light came on last fall - right after I had the truck oil sprayed. The light went off after a few days leaving about the half the control valve codes that are now showing. I washed the truck just before the latest recurrence but did not go under the hood or use high pressure so I doubt there’s a connection.

The garage I deal with says it looks like an electrical problem maybe ECM related but they don’t have the OBD1 gear required to do a proper diagnostic. The dreaded words “you’ll have to take it to the dealer for that” were uttered. Anyway I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts, particularly what it’s likely to cost me (in hours) for a dealer diagnostic these days. My guy (bless his heart) didn’t charge me anything for hitting a wall on this. Oh and I really have no problem living without ABS if the alternative means giving my wallet last rites to replace a faulty ECM. Here’s hoping I’m still in the good graces of the car repair gods and the light goes off as magically as it did previously without any expensive intervention required…

The lack of ABS won’t kill you. The ABS used on your truck isn’t very good anyway. I’d guess your local dealer has a “diagnostic fee” of about $100 or so. Call and ask them what it would cost to run the codes and give you an estimate for repair. It sounds like a failure of the ABS’ ECU, not the engine ECU or body ECU. On a 20 year old 'Burb, I can’t see you wanting to spend the money. Put tape over the ABS light.

With a pile of codes you can bet there is more than one problem. The hydraulic control unit and the module are probably toast.

There is no way I would give up the price of a day-old bagel for and ABS repair on a twenty year old truck.

If I were crazy and had cash to burn I might try a used unit. But to be honest I would not want to put in the effort to bleed the brakes.

Thanks for responding guys. A hundred bucks buys a lot of day old bagels and my mechanic already recommended the piece of tape “solution.” Cheers!

A company called “module master” rebuilds control modules, should you ever want to get your abs working again