NPR Doubles Podcasts - More Laughs Per Week!

Beginning in October, the Car Talk team will take listeners back to the early years of the series, and distribute edited versions of every show, in sequential order. The new, twice-weekly podcasts will be about 35-40 minutes in length. “We’re taking out the worst stuff from each show, and leaving just the pretty bad stuff,” said co-host Ray Magliozzi. Each show will include a puzzler, a puzzler answer, some great calls, and plenty of Tom and Magliozzi’s famous, and often hilarious diversions. More Details Here


Podcasts from the show’s early years? What a great idea! I couldn’t listen to the podcasts for the past year +1/2 due to technical difficulties associated w/Covid, but of late have been listening a lot of the Covid-era shows . Definitely noticing a certain amount of repeating content. So going back to the beginnings seems a winner. According to what Doug Berman implies in the posting above, some NPR stations here and there are still airing the Best of Car Talk. With the doubling-up of the podcasts, apparently that is coming to an end.

Given the programs my NPR stations has tried in that slot so far, I wouldn’t count Best of Car Talk NPR airings out quite yet though … lol …

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I listened to the show when ever I could, but not always. So I’ve probably missed about 70% of all shows aired anyways. So when ever I hear “The Best-of-Cartalk” chances are I never heard it before. Love the idea of listening to the very early shows.


I’ve been listening to the show since sometime after they went national in the late 80’s and there are more than a few shows I wouldn’t mind hearing again. Going back into the era when Tom had the 1974 Caprice convertible,