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Just Learned About Car Talk

I just learned about car talk from a friend a few weeks ago. I’m 22 and love working on cars but had never heard of the show as none of the adults in my life have ever been car enthusiasts of any kind. I’ve been waiting each week to listen in, listening to the podcasts online as they’re posted. Imagine my shock come to find out that the show was canceled in 2012. Now sure I had been questioning why all these callers drove such old cars, but the time of year in each podcast even reflects the current time. My question now is essentially, when are these podcasts recorded from? There’s something really eerie to me finding out that these episodes were recorded years ago and I just really want to better understand. NPR’s own website presents the podcasts as if they’re from that year, labeling them by year and week and showing an incomplete archive to the show’s beginning. Basically, any info would be appreciated on when these shows are coming from/ do you guys listen to these, as one group called it, ‘zombie’ car talk shows?

CarTalk has been around over 30 years. The cirrent shows are created from the best calls over the years. I still listen. They are still funny. It never really was a “how to” show for me just good entertainment.

Yeah kinda eight years late, but never was much on telling people how to do something. If you have a question you can ask it here. There are all kinds and good mechanics. Still you’ll likely get half saying to do this and half saying to do that so you can sort it out. My advice would be to buy a good repair manual and read it to start with.

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Yeah, I use nicoclub forums factory service manuals as what I drive right now are mostly family owned Nissan. If you drive a Nissan it’s an excellent resource it has every model up until 2016. Sadly an FSM cant fix a CVT, but all the same, wasn’t hoping car talk would. My issue is just with the weird nature of the show, are they going to continue it forever? Im around Boston and it still plays on the weekends. It gives me a good laugh and everything but it really just unnerved me to find out I’ve been listening to a dead man, a wonderful one all the same, but recorded from who know when.

If you watch TV, a lot of dead people on there. Now when you ask a question and they answer back, that’s the time to be concerned.

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The podcast will probably continue as long as there’s an audience, Spike’s Car Radio which is a show hosted by one of Seinfeld’s buddies and former writer has mentioned that CarTalk is beating them in the rankings on at least iTunes even though the show’s been on repeats for so long. Still entertaining to listen to even if a little dated.

You might also try The Car Doctor which is a little like if Ray had hosted the show on his own, but more straightforward. He talks about Nissan CVT’s in one part of the Nov28th show.

For the longest time Car-Talk was NPR’s #1 show nationally. Started in Boston then grew from there. Plus their syndicated Newspaper columns. When they were new I listened when I could. I’m guessing I’ve probably only listened to half their broadcasts. And forget most of the ones I did hear. If I happen to be driving (only time I ever listen to NPR) and they might be on I’ll try to listen. Their humor is still funny.


Do you have a 240SX . . . ?!

Nope hahah. I currently drive a 06 pathfinder. Im selling a 06 murano with 202k and a 07 sentra with 133k miles though. The sentra taught me first hand how a nissan cvt can enjoy dying unexpectedly and has a replacement

I asked because 2400 is part of your screen name . . .

I used to know a lady who owned a bone stock 240SX . . . might have been a 1996

Anyways, every single day there’d be notes on her car, from people wanting to buy it

They all wanted to turn it into a drifter

Ah I see. Nope purely random number. They are cool cars though! I’m looking to get a drifter myself but the cheapest out there for me seems to be a BMW e46 as you can find lots of them for 4000 or under