Car Talk ends its radio run


Even the show’s re-runs have come to an end.

‘Car Talk’ Ends Its Radio Run. Here’s What Ray Magliozzi Hopes You’ll Remember | WBUR News

But we will now get 2 podcasts a week, starting from the very beginning.

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Over the air broadcast of Best of Car Talk ended here about 5 years ago. So as a practical matter, no change for me. Actually I’m looking forward to the podcasts from the older shows. I wonder if they’ll go back to the very beginning, late 70’s era when it was a local Boston WBUR show, or will they only be posting shows from when the show became a national NPR show? Ray and Tom joked that in their early shows, their answers tended to be “It’s the choke pull off!”, irrespective of what the symptom was … lol …

This has always been surprising to me b/c while I’ve had to fix pretty much every possible problem a carburetor might develop at one time or another, I’ve never had a problem with the choke pull off … oh oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that … :wink:

The show hasn’t been on either local NPR station for several years now. Still download the podcasts.