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Nothing here


@cdaquila - ???

Make, model, year, miles?


My wife leaves the seat up, I have to slide it back just to get in the car!


I hit the remote for that but I have to go around and lower the other seats myself and we have four bathrooms. Then after that I go around shutting off the lights. I don’t know what brought all this on. Maybe it was the new decree from the psychologists about how bad we are. I gotta say though from the 60’s on, we’ve seen a lot and not all good.

I can’t help myself. I think this could really be seen as a racist question, and you never ask a lady her age.

Racist is gender neutral, perhaps you mean sexist.

I think it depends on what is meant by make and model. Year and mileage would indicate age and condition though.

In this particular case, what lady??? :roll_eyes::thinking:

Are you saying you read the whole thing?

Uhm, no, confess I didn’t. But based on your question have just quick scan read it, including the end. Still wondering what it’s doing posted here in a car forum. :upside_down_face:

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Whether it’s a he or she or it, they might have packed all their stuff in the car and drove away or something. I’m sure it won’t last long though. Might be worth making a copy just to study to try and figure out what it says exactly.

We all know trolls hide under bridges but do they drive cars and have luggage? Just wondering. :wink::thinking::roll_eyes::smirk:

Yes I read it all, thinking pressure relief valve.

I am really tired of self-entitled snowflakes, raised as if everything in the world should always be perfect and to take extreme personal offense if anything is not exactly perfect all the time. Get over it, get used to it, and deal with it, Nothing is perfect all the time. As long as there are people on this planet there will be problems and inequities. Suck it up buttercup!


You are painting all men with the same broad brush. Guess what? I don’t fit the description of men that you’ve illustrated.

My wife (of 34 years) and I have a RESPECTFUL relationship. I hope with your attitude that you will someday be in one, but I have serious doubts.

You need to stop picking out potential mates at the bar and see somebody about some grammar lessons and anger management.

Perhaps taking some college classes could kill 2 birds with one stone.
You could learn to write so that you are perceived as more intelligent and possibly meet somebody other than a drunk slob.


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But more importantly; Where’s my sammich?


I wonder if her guy can burp the entire alphabet?

@cdaquila Why is this thread still here and where did they find the thread that caused it ?