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'How to Fight and Fix Your Car Like a Woman'

Why isn’t there a Ladies’ forum?:wink:

Whenever I visit the local magazine rack, the men are mostly standing in front of the car section, and the women are mostly standing in front of the beauty section. I expect there may be a lesson to to be learned by that … lol …

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Rosey the Riveter helped win the war but once won she wanted to go home. We seem willing to adapt as needed to deal with critical problems but human nature eventually moves back to take charge. I’m willing to deal with that. I kind of enjoy it.

The parts that caught my eye were “blah blah blah” and “brutal aggression”, having been brutalized a time or two.

Because we don’t discriminate here! Caroline wouldn’t let us! :grinning:


I don’t think Cosmopolitan has a car repair section either.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We have had a long term female member, and a very good one at that.

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@Mustangman I hope you don’t get in trouble for calling her Caroline my wife’s name is Carolyn & she hate’s when someone call’s her Caroline.

Whoops!, My bad!

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Mabey she will forrgive you this time as I don’t recall you ever doing it in the past.

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Women fixing cars? Whoever heard of such a thing?

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Generalizations, while not specifically true are generally true. There are those that see sinister forces at work for the pat disparity between men and women when the reasons are not sinister at all. Women generally , but not specifically avoid jobs involving dirt, danger, great physical strength and irregular and unpredictable hours.

Women, whether single mothers or part of a couple are predominantly the caregivers of children and elderly parents. Many women leave the workforce or move to part time positions with regular hours to be available for their children.

I know that it is politically correct to assert that men’s and women’s roles (and pay) should be identical, but any sane observer would have to conclude that is not our nature.

How many women die immediately after shouting " WATCH THIS " ?

Usually because the guys are trying to get the attention of the girls. When the palm sweats and the heart goes pitter patter when she walks by, anything can happen.

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Precisely, they are seldom as stupid about us!

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Funny story about that, @Renegade and @Mustangman - before I was born, I’m told Dad wanted me to be a Carolyn, and Mom wanted a Caroline. Dad did the paperwork, so the rest is history. I have heard so many permutations and variations of my name (first and last) that I’ll answer to anything with passing similarity. But it still makes me giggle when someone pronounces the last name “Tequila” or “Dracula.”

Edit. Also, on the subject, I grew up told that I as a girl, even though I’d asked, didn’t need to know how to drive a manual or deal with a lawnmower or learn how to address any of these mechanical things…so I’m all for narrowing in the knowledge gaps. It’s no big loss right now because I ride a subway, but I have great empathy for the women who show up here and don’t know much because depending whom you’ve asked before, it’s not so much a problem of willful ignorance.


Look! It’s the Ole Truck Driver herself! Queen Elizabeth was a truck driver during WWII, IIRC. She’s probably talking shop with the soldier.

When my mother joined the Navy during WWII, she scored very high on the mechanical aptitude test. They wanted her to train as an airplane mechanic and then train new mechanics. She said Not A Chance, and insisted on becoming an x-ray technician, a job she was already trained to do in civilian life. Even a couple decades later she bristled at the thought of doing something unladylike as being an airplane mechanic.

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Rosie was forced out:

I don’t think there was much of a struggle.

You sure about that?

I thought some of these blue collar women were proud of their work and wanted to remain after the war, but were forced out, because it was understood that they were only “filling in until the men returned”


Bless his heart, my dad was a good man who was protective of me. But he thought women should be “protected” from doing any traditionally “men’s work”. Add to that, that despite being a hard worker who eventually could figure out how to do most household repairs, the standing joke was that he could fix things beyond repair.

I dearly wish I had learned basic car maintenance and home repair/maintenance when young. I’ve worked at learning over the years but early onset severe arthritis has mostly limited my efforts to minor things like rewiring lamps.

I admire how a friend raised his daughter to be mechanically self sufficient from a young age, getting a few bruised thumbs, broken nails, and dirty hands. She grew up to be both every bit a feminine lady and a darned good civil engineer working for a state’s DOT.

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