Noises after tires replaced

My husband had my tires replaced this week. Sorry, I drive a 2008 Ford Explorer.
The car has been running fine - no problems what so ever. Now there is a sound when I turn or go quite slowly. We live on a street that is 25mph so we go slowly to start. I hear the sound while going straight at slower speeds, but also when turning - almost at full lock. It is difficult to describe the sound - not grinding and not screeching. Its almost as if I turned the wheel too far. The sound when running straight is lower maybe rubbing - sorry not sure. The sound seems to be coming from the right side of the car. I can also feel the sound, but it isn’t a strong vibration. My husband drove the car and said he felt nothing (of course - just like TV repair man syndrome).
All 4 tires were replaced. Hubby checked the nuts - says they were alright.
Can you please suggest something else I can check. He is at work now and we go on vacation Wednesday!
Thank you

It could be a wheel bearing that is failing

Does it make the sound when you turn in either direction or only if you turn in one direction? It makes a difference. Also, is it all wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

it is 4 wheel drive. both directions, but I think worse when turning left

how did husband verify torque?

In addition to more clarity about under exactly what conditions the sound occurs, I’d also like to know more about the tires that were installed. Can you post the make & model? Were they new or used?